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In BC, we are protecting our economy from global economic uncertainty through:


  • Low taxes for families and business
  • Controlled spending and balancing our budget
  • New investment in skills training


The facts set us apart from other jurisdictions at this time of global economic uncertainty… facts that investors and British Columbians want to hear:



Having the lowest personal income taxes in Canada so families have more financial flexibility, and some of the lowest corporate taxes in North America so that investors can feel secure in building business in BC:

  • Lowest provincial personal income taxes for individuals earning less than $120,000 a year
  • An additional 325,000 people do not pay any income tax at all
  • Lowest combined corporate taxes in North America
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Controlling government spending and balancing the books so that we do not saddle future generations with debt, and to make sure BC can invest in vital public services that families depend on to get ahead, like health care and education:

  • On track for balance by 2013-14
  • AAA Credit Rating re-affirmed by both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s
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Expanding skills training to give people the tools they need to find better jobs in a changing economy. By growing our skilled workforce, we are creating investor confidence that is opening up new markets for our goods and attracting investment to BC to grow our economy:

  • $500 million annual investment in skills training
  • Addition of $75 million for improving training facilities and upgrading equipment
  • Commitment to dedicate $5 million annually to improving skills of those already in workforce starting in 2013-14
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