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Doug supports BC apprentices

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Here’s why he does it


Doug Lockhart supports BC apprentices

Apprentices aren’t just the future of BC’s trades businesses, they’re the future of BC, says Lockhart Industries owner Doug Lockhart.


Lockhart Industries, a family-run business in Duncan, BC, specializes in innovative geoexchange energy applications like Brentwood College’s recent tidal-power retrofit. “People don’t realize that the ocean and the Earth’s crust can be used to provide highly efficient free energy. That project alone saves Brentwood about a quarter-million dollars every year.”


With more than 30 years’ experience in the trades, Doug knows an opportunity when he sees one. “I’ve never seen the demand for skilled tradespeople in BC this high and it’s only going to continue increasing,” he says.


Apprentices have played a big part in Lockhart’s success. Since 1981, Doug has sponsored more than a dozen. There’s an advantage, he says, to  hire and develop skilled tradespeople early in their careers. Today, he works closely with Gord, a first-year apprentice from Vancouver Island University’s HVAC program. “Apprentices are the future of BC,” Doug says. “I spend a minimum of two hours a day with Gord – it’s crucial to his development.”


It’s Doug’s family-first attitude that inspire the values of his company. “My wife and I have run this company for 32 years. I start at 5 a.m. every day. She sometimes finishes the bookkeeping around 2 a.m. Hard work is a habit and we preach it,” Doug says. “My apprentices aren’t just apprentices. They become part of the Lockhart family – if I could, I’d hire 10 more tomorrow.”


In less than a decade there will be one million job openings in BC, and nearly half will require trades and technical skills. Lockhart Industries is one of many of BC employers who are committed to training the future of BC’s skilled workforce.


“We can teach them, train them, and employ them right here in BC – now that’s something to be proud of.”


How Doug’s story connects with the BC Jobs Plan:

  • The Skills and Training Plan for BC highlights BC’s dynamic opportunities in the trades. Lockhart Industries exemplifies BC’s innovative renewable energy industry – which requires skilled tradespeople like Doug and his staff.
  • Research shows employers may receive, on average, a return of $1.47 for every dollar invested in apprenticeship training.
  •  Lockhart Industries and fellow BC employers are committed to training the next generation of BC’s skilled workforce. It’s small business owners like Doug that continue to build BC’s strong economy.